Privacy Policy

Insurancelogy (the “Company”) adheres to the legal and regulatory data protection requirements as is applicable to the Company.

By accessing any of our contract channels including our website, downloading or filling or submitting any forms (proposal/claims etc.) / sending emails/ sending sms/ calling the Company’s call center/ and/or by providing any data/ information to the Company (whether though the Website or otherwise and by any means) you hereby give your unconditional consent to the Company to:

  1. Contact you anytime, through any means (email, sms, phone, etc.) and for any reason including for promoting its products;
  2. Collect and store your personal information which you provide to us (including by way of cookies) for the time period as may be required by the Company;
  3. Transfer your personal information to servers/our third-party affiliates/service providers whether inside or outside the UAE;
  4. Use your personal information as required by the Company for evaluating/ underwriting/ issuing/ administering/ processing your policy/claims etc;
  5. Disclose your personal information to third party partners as required to issue/ underwrite/ administer / process your policy/ claims, etc. including but not limited to third party administrators, medical providers, brokers, agents, service providers etc; within or outside the UAE
  6. Disclose and/or report your personal information to legal/regulatory agencies/bodies if and as required by law.

We will at all times treat all confidential information we hold about you as private and confidential and protect it in the same way we would protect our own confidential information and use that information in the ways contemplated. For the avoidance of any doubt, where you have not yet appointed us as your insurer, but in contemplation of such a possible appointment you pass to us information which is proprietary and/or confidential to you, the provisions of this section shall apply as regards such information.

We will however generally not disclose any confidential information we hold about you to others except:

  1. To the extent we are required to do so by law or where requested or required to do so by a regulator;
  2. To reinsurers, surveyors, loss adjustors, loss assessors, IT service providers, claim administrators, medical providers, emergency support/assistance providers, additional administrative and/or support service providers, and other like entities or persons, whether inside or outside UAE, to the extent necessary;
  3. To professional advisors, consultants, lawyers, financial institutions, regulatory or government entities, and other like entities or persons, whether inside or outside UAE, to the extent necessary; or
  4. To other INSURANCELOGY related Companies to the extent necessary to facilitate the effective management, administration, and/or operation of the businesses.

By way of exception to the foregoing, you agree that we may:

  1. Use any information you provide to us to create anonym zed industry or sector-wide statistics which may be shared with third parties;
  2. Share information concerning your reinsurance arrangement with reinsurers or their agents/brokers where this is necessary to enable reinsurers to decide whether to participate in reinsuring your risk or to participate in any arrangement made by INSURANCELOGY whereby participating reinsurers agree to reinsure (wholly or partly) a portfolio of risks without necessarily making underwriting decisions on a case-by-case basis for individual risks within such portfolio; and
  3. Collect and use your risk, loss, reserve and claims data in the creation, marketing and commercial exploitation of loss databases, analytical or statistical reports, models and tools, (re)insurance and capital markets products, (any of which may or may not be used in the Services provided to you or in services provided to third parties).

Additionally, Applicable for Group Companies Insured/Dealing with INSURANCELOGY

You agree that we may use your company name and logo in marketing materials and for internal INSURANCELOGY use.

If you provide us with, or make available to us, any information which constitutes ‘personal data’ (including any ‘sensitive personal data’), we will treat such information at all times in accordance with UAE Laws and you agree that we and other INSURANCELOGY Companies may hold and process such information:

  1. In order to provide our services to you;
  2. To facilitate the effective management, development or operation of the INSURANCELOGY Companies and your business/insurance policy with us; and
  3. To comply with applicable laws, prevent and detect fraud, and cooperate with regulators where appropriate, as outlined in the INSURANCELOGY Privacy Notice.

You will ensure that all personal data has been collected and provided to us in compliance with the relevant regulation and all other applicable laws and, where required by law, you will obtain data subjects' consent prior to providing personal data to us. You will notify data subjects of the fact that their personal data will be provided to us and the purposes for which we will use such personal data.

You will ensure that all personal data provided to us is accurate and, where appropriate, kept up to date, and will notify us if you become aware that such data is inaccurate.

You will provide us with reasonable assistance, upon request, in dealing with any requests, inquiries or complaints that we receive from data subjects and/or supervisory authorities in relation to any personal data processed under this Agreement.