Our team has been creating web application development solutions for businesses across insurance domain and would be happy to server you any development requirement.

Custom Web Application Development

Provides cross platform, feature-rich corporate and consumer-facing web applications. Your web application will work flawlessly on every web and mobile browser.

Custom Mobile App Development

When you can’t find an app to match your needs, we can design one for you for any mobile platform. Watch your new app or game take shape immaculately as we design it for you.

LVA (Layered Voice Analysis technology),

LVA™ is a voice analysis technology that targets vocal phenomenon that cannot be controlled by the speaker or heard by the listener, which enables it to identify genuine emotions that even trained agents cannot easily spot. This technology is used by formal police investigations for security clearances, vetting and for Fraud Detection in Insurance companies.

It helps insurance companies to,

  • Identify fraudulent claims in real-time with claims coverage
  • Significantly increase your organization’s fraud detection rates
  • Optimize your risk detection, investigation and settlement processes

Distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain):

Products that bring the risk-placing workflow relationship between brokers and insurers onto a distributed ledger, creating a digital signature for policies and saving each party from having their own related legal documents.

Customized cloud-based CRM

Provides a 360° view of your customer, by capturing and combining customer experiences in one place.